Wednesday Night Magic Ranking updated 10-Feb
Season 1 2020
Play Wednesday Night Magic (Pioneer or Modern) at LC Mongkok and get ranked!
  • Ranking Points per event: 2 + match points.
  • Top 16 will receive Prize Points (details here).
  • Prize Points can be spent at the end-of-season Prize Wall or for event registration.
RankNamePointsEvents Prize Points
1Liu, Ernest345255
2Leung, Kwan Shing Edgar294110
3Loke, Joshua24390
4Sintoni, Filippo24385
5Nacinopa, Domingo (JR)20450
6Cha, Yung En (Hanani)19250
7William, Ho192120
8Lee, Chai Yiu (Oscar)18360
9Leung, Victor183215
10Lin, Nicholas16240
11Ford, Kyle13290
12Ming Ho, Ho132155
13Veach, Wes13240
14Sze Hang, Chan11190
15Zhou, Zhaoqi (Eric)111140
16Chu, TC10210
17Mijares, Hugo10240
18Yu, Winchel10260
19Cheung, Wing Fung Ivan81
20Kwan, Michael8150
21Leung, Jimmy Man Yan81
22Ng, Jack8135
23Yam, Daniel81
24Willems, Sjoerd7210
25Chi Hang, Lai51
26Poon, Tsz51
27Tam, Jack51
28Wright, David51
29Yuen, Man Chun (Anson)5135
30Dadyko, Alexander21
31Polley, David21
32Stephens, Richard2110

Prize Points
You can use Prize Points to pay for entry fees, exchange for prizes from a virtual "prize wall" at the end of the season, or as store credit. You can earn points in the following ways: